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Bangladesh is lagging behind in STEM sectors as it cannot utilize the full potential of half of its population, the girls. In Bangladesh, most of the girls cannot use their potential because they are not informed about the opportunity and the future prospect of STEM education. Globally, about 20-30% girls in developing countries choose their education and career in the STEM sector. But in our country, the situation in underprivileged communities is much worse. Social belief, discrimination, Stereotypes against girl’s education, and girl’s participation in STEM education is the reason behind this situation. So, we addressed this situation by finding some key factors which are responsible for this situation.Those are: <br> 1. Lack of information about STEM education in the classroom and other sources <br> 2. Lack of Motivation (Not having any role models who have achieved success in STEM careers.) <br> 3. Stereotypes (Girls do not have mental ability to pursue science, Girls should not do jobs requiring mental calculation, etc.) <br> We know it’s not easy to address all these issues overnight. But It’s important to initiate some positive steps that will help us to remove these factors in our education system so that we can get more gender equality in STEM education. We will provide necessary information and opportunities about STEM education to the girls. We also inspire them and remove stereotypes by showing their role models as well as their impact to make this world a better place

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